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MSc in Management - comments from students

Please note that these testimonials have been collected from students on Management, Procurement and Marketing MSc programmes run by MDC Ltd.

Case Study - Michael Broughan, a Managing Consultant at Rolls Royce

Case Study - Ian Thurgood, Joint Managing Director at Wilkins and Sons, Tiptree

Case study - Kristyn Hall, EMEA IS Account Manager at Allegis Group

Case study - Chris Soroka, Director of Supply Chain Management at Municipal Group of Companies

Case study - Vivek Pai, Procurement Operations Manager at Herbert Smith Freehills

Case study - Rasham Majachani, ERP Consultant at ICBC

Case study - Gordon Donovan, Procurement & Supply Chain Manager at Metro Trains Melbourne


Name: Steve Burgess

Job Title: Senior Procurement Officer

Company: EDF Energy

Did the MSc help you progress in your career?

This has created a number of opportunities and after interviews I have been lucky enough to get promoted to ‘Senior Procurement Officer’ responsible for all procurement activitieses at the power station and now taking in a number of other locations within the company. I just wanted to pass on that having the mention of studying for the Masters on my CV seemed to open doors that in the past remained firmly closed, so it seems that the course is held in high regard by some (at least our Procurement Director)


Name: Stephen Phillips

Job Title: Director of Advertisement Sales

Company: Eastern Counties Newspapers Ltd

How did you find the weekend workshops?

It's 21 years since I did the Diploma so you can imagine my trepidation at joining the MSc course. I'm not sure that there is anything which can allay those sort of fears. However, at the first weekend, I was really impressed with the whole set up. The other course members were good fun and I really enjoyed the time I spent with them. The aspects of learning about other people's markets and business issues were quite fascinating and very enjoyable. I enjoyed the social aspects and thought the facilities were excellent. The course tutors, especially Robin, were first class and paced the weekends well. I actually enjoyed the weekends. The course content was very valid for my work life and helped me to keep ahead.
Was the support of the e-group important to you?

During the whole process, the e-group has given me a lot of encouragement, and Lynn, my tutor has been really excellent, using just the right skills to help me  and coach me to achieve the next stage. Without her support it would not have happened. I did hit a block and nearly gave up, but I am through it now, and looking forward to getting the project completed, whatever the outcome. A colleague at work is 3/4 way through a PhD, and has stopped for 4 months. He's hit a block, and I'm busy trying to persuade him to keep going. He doesn't have the support mechanism that this group gave me, so thanks for all the encouragement, because without it I would not have gone as far as I have. I think you can't do this type of study in total isolation. You need people who know what you are going through, or at least a knowledge that other people are going through what you are!
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again, hopefully with those funny hats and coats (at the Graduation ceremony).


Name: Tony Snowdon

Job Title: Marketing Director

Company: FTL Seals Technology

How has the group dynamic worked for you?

Networking is starting, I sense that the support will be brilliant, and potentially even better than seeing one's tutor once a month for half an hour!  I have perhaps been cynical about distance learning in the past, feeling that I might feel too remote and not too motivated, but things just seem to be warming up. If you (MDC) offered another residential weekend, I think that I would be the first to accept. I think that the communication aspect is crucial, to help pull everyone along, and if anyone struggles for short periods, it is important that they can share experiences with the rest of the group, to help get them back on track."


Name: Steven Cook

Job Title: Direct Marketing Co-ordinator

Company: Centrica Financial Services

How have you found the programme compared to your previous studies?

Having only completed my diploma last summer, I would say that the MSc is a huge leap forward. No longer can you just pick up a book, learn it and recite it back, now you actually have to think!! This makes it challenging yet stimulating at the same time and is a definite advantage when applied to business. PS However you can forget about having a social life!!


Name: Carole Dunleavy

Job Title: Purchasing Manager - Non - Production Contracts &


Company: Sony Manufacturing UK Ltd.

How would you describe this programme?

I have developed a more confident approach to business, the MSc has changed the way in which I think, it has "stretched" my thought processes. I valued the networking opportunities, the insight into other organisations and industry sectors was fascinating and the people were interesting and enjoyable company.


Name: Kath Webb

Job Title: Procurement Manager

Company: Cray Valley Ltd

Why did you decide to study this programme?

I felt it was a natural progression after becoming MCIPS qualified and I wanted to meet with like-minded professionals within an educational capacity.

What would you say were the benefits of this programme?

Many things.

1. Group worked very well as a team.

2. Course covered issues/concepts that I was not very familiar with, e.g. e-commerce and logistics.

3, Able to "bounce" ideas off other professional buyers and lecturers, thus obtaining views of people in different sectors to the one I work.

4. Recognition at work


 "It was a marvellous experience" Susan Cherrett, Executive Agency of the Department of Health (graduated with distinction)


 "I had no idea how far marketing theory had developed ..... there's a wealth of valuable thinking and research going on... the academic literature I came across contains real practical applications in my job.  Finding the time took planning... I put greater effort into being organised at work, delegating more, and managing time more effectively"  Bob Doe, Lincoln Co-op  


 "At 52, it was not easy initially going back to the grind of studying late into the nights .... but it became progressively easier .... it was a very satisfying experience and the sense of achievement on graduation day was overwhelming",  Ray Chan, Nestle Pacific


 "An excellent stimulus for renewed learning and catching up on the latest knowledge.   The Masters can be flexed to be applied in an area that is useful for your personal career, and importantly for your employer"  Jerry Bond, Burmah Castrol


“Didn’t even notice the rain on graduation day, felt so proud and happy!!! Hopefully I’ve inspired my daughters to do well at school too!” Janet Benton


“I decided to do the course because, although I was very familiar with materials management and production planning, my experience of modern procurement was more limited, particularly on strategic issues. The course succeeded in this aim and got me thinking in new ways about old problems e.g. outsourcing.” Duncan Lewis, Procurement and Logistics Manager, GPU Power UK (electricity utility based in the Midlands)

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